Wire Cloth Filter Elements Products

Mesh Discs and Cartridge Filters for Polymer Melt Filtration

Polymer melt filters can be supplied in single layer or multilayer wire mesh filter fabrics. Specially designed for plastic polymer and other polymer extrusion processing. The melt filters have several forms of supply: Discs, packs, pleated mesh fitlers, candle filters and filter cartridges.

Material: Stainless steel wire cloth, copper wire cloth, black steel wire cloth, etc.

Mesh cloth polymer melt filters have fine filtration capacity.

Circular Polymer Melt Disc Filter Elements, Single Layer or Multi-layer:
Round shape, rectangular shape, toroidal shape, square shape , oval shape, circular.

The discs are with or without rims or with compressed edges.  

Round shape disc screen for melt filters:

Diameter 44 to 600mm
toroidal shape
inner diameter 18mm to 250mm,  outer diameter 50-350mm

Rectangular shape extruder screen for melt filters:
width 50mm to 100mm, length 60mm to 400mm.

50mm, 75mm round shape black wire cloth multilayer screen packs for polymer filters:Discs for Polymer Extrusion

Stainless steel plastic extrusion melt filter screen:Mesh Fabric for Melt Filter Cartridges

Perforated Tube for Polymer Melt Pleated Mesh Cylinders:

Perforated Tube for Filter Cartridges
  • Extruder Screen Packs
  • Disc Type Extruder Screen Filter
  • Extruder Screen Mesh Cylinder
  • Single Layer Wire Mesh Disc
  • Multi-layer Extruder Screen Packs
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Disk with Frame
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Extruder Screen
  • SS Mesh Pack Screen
  • Filter Cartridges
  • Brass Perforated Tubes
  • Stainless Steel Filter Tubes
  • Polymer Melt Filter Discs, Screens and Elements
  • Multi-layer Wire Mesh Pleated Filter
  • Leaf Filter Screen
  • Mesh Basket Filter
  • Mesh Conical Strainers
  • Plain Weave Wire Mesh 304, 316
  • Twilled Weave Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Filter Dutch Weave SS Wire Cloth
  • Brass Mesh
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